Cape Breton Beach Sessions

For the remainder of the month of July, I am doing a promotional discount on couples photography! Be it an engagement session, fun session or just a way to get some awesome photos with your significant other. I'd like to focus on getting to some beaches in and around Cape Breton, I spend a lot of time visiting beaches and know just how incredible the island we live on is.


So, what's the deal?

Send me an email and we will figure out what to do! If you have been putting off getting some unique portraits, now is the time to book! I know a lot of people and couples have some special beaches and locations they like to visit in the summer, and I'd like to highlight that for you. What better way to create awesome memories?


If you would like more information on these sessions or pricing, you will have to send me an email and let me know what you have in mind!
Message me using the form below and let's chat! All of the sessions will be done in the evenings, for this reason I can only shoot one session per day and I can only accept so many bookings.

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