Scott McIntyre Photographer

Britt & Andrew
A Cape Breton Barn Wedding

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As Mother of the Bride, I can’t say enough about how Scott handled this wedding. He even suggested a sparkler shoot, and then actually found us the sparklers. It provided a special touch to an already perfect day.
Scott is a creative, passionate, dedicated professional, and we thank him for everything!

What is my approach?

There is more to this than just some pictures at your wedding. There is a connection, love, an emotion that is captured, there is a need for me as a photographer to capture these things for my clients and it excites the shit outta me! I love wedding photography, I love how each wedding day is an experiment. I love the challenge of trying to make more amazing images, each and every single time.

So, for the most part, your day is captured as it happens. I want to capture genuine moments that are real. I want to tell a story of your wedding day as it naturally happens. 

While working with the creative portraits there is a some direction from me. This is a good thing, because composition, posing, angles and light are very important parts of a unique image. I know that not everyone is a model or has experience in front of a camera and that having a camera in your face all day can be daunting.

You won't find me asking you to move your thumb a certain way or freezing you in poses too much either. I have learned that most couples want just a little help, to feel comfortable and most importantly, to have fun.

Positions and guidance are part of the game, I do direct just a little bit and let you take over which helps create natural, candid and real reactions.

Outside of the portrait photos, 100% of the images from a wedding day are documented as they happen without any interaction from me. No props, nothing fake. Real People and Real Weddings.

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Thanks a million. Pictures mean the world to me, I’m always taking them and an entire wall in my living room is just covered in pictures of our life and now I’m just going to have to add a little more.
It was so relaxed, so chill, felt like we knew you our entire life and we both had a great time so we really can’t thank you enough!

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Heather & Brad
A Backyard Wedding with Tacos!

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Real People. Real Weddings

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My Goal...

It's simple.

I love photography and I love to documenting weddings, I love to hang out with awesome, fun people that want to laugh and have a great time. 

My goal is to create lasting, impactful and unique images for my clients and for me. Something you will be proud to display and share with those you love.

Thanks for reading this far, please don't hesitate to call or email me to chat about your day. I travel worldwide for weddings and will jump at the chance for something unique. 



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