Why You Need The Wedding Album

Listen, I get it. We live in a digital world, you want your photos in digital format. That's the reason I supply them to my clients, because I DO get it and I would want them as well.

However, what you do with your images is one of the most important things after your wedding. Leaving them sit on a disc or thumb drive, or just posting a few on social media seems like a huge waste. You NEED something...


There are many options to display your wedding images, but in my opinion, a handcrafted album is the best. It tells the story of your day, follows the timeline, includes some of the most amazing images that were captured and focuses on the people that matter most.

Most wedding clients skip over this part of the process, sure it's an extra cost, but how much are you willing to spend to have something in your hands to show your children the story of your wedding day? Imagine sitting down with your grandchildren and trying to find your Facebook post from 40 years ago to show them just how beautiful your dress was...ummmm, no. 


An album is the way to go, and has been for years. It is an amazing keepsake of one of the most important days of your life. Now I know having a photographer can seem like the largest expense on your wedding day, but investing in the right photographer who takes their job and the product that they provide to you very seriously, is priceless.


How will you relive your day 20 years from now? Will you put a DVD into a computer and flip through the images? I guarantee in 20 years you will be laughed at for talking about a DVD or a thumb drive. But, sitting down with a glass of wine in front of a fireplace and dreaming back to your wedding day while flipping through the pages of your album will be just as normal of a process as it is today. Some things just don't change.


Plan to include an album from your day, make it a priority. After all the guests are go home, the meals are eaten, after the decorator has packed up and left, your dress is put away and the rental tuxes are returned, the only thing that remains and will remain are the photographs of your wedding. How you chose to keep them it up to you. You have the digital files, you have the memories...hold a beautifully designed wedding album in your hands and I'm sure you will agree it will be the most important part of your wedding investment.


I am a wedding and portrait photographer in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Over the last 12 years I have photographed thousands of people, families and hundreds of weddings locally and abroad.
I now focus on wedding and high school senior photography. If you have a unique idea for some images, let me know!
Cape Breton Island Wedding Photographer • Scott McIntyre

Scott McIntyre