The Wedding Day "First Look"

Many weddings these days opt for the "First Look" photos, as opposed to seeing each other for the very first time at the alter, some couples are hesitant about doing them or don't understand them. 

Here are my views on the "First Look" and why I think they are really great. 

First off, I don't think everyone is into it, some brides have always wanted their groom to see them for the first time while they walk down the aisle, and that is just as important in my opinion. It is YOUR day after all. So, whenever this topic comes up with my couples, I'm never one to push it or strongly suggest it, however it can be amazing.

For me, I think having a first look is a very special moment for the couple. You are basically getting to spend an intimate time alone with each other that you otherwise wouldn't have. Think about it like this, with the first look, you are alone, (except for me, and I keep my distance) you get to react in a more normal and natural way than you could with 400 eyes on you. You can relax, chat, kiss, embrace and just really have some time to enjoy each others company for longer.


Beyond that, this is a great opportunity to free up some spare time to relax and interact with your guests after the ceremony. If you have a late ceremony, this can also help us have a bit more time for the portrait sessions of the day and give us a better chance of nailing "golden hour" later....which you want, trust me.

The First Look can get a HUGE chunk of the day out of the way and almost every single time I have shot this way, it makes the day way less stressful. All that is left to do, is get hitched!

If you want to chat about your "First Look" drop me an email!

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