The blog struggle, Ben and doing what the "F" I want.

It's true. Blogs are...meh. A struggle. I want to use them but then again, I don't know what for, or if it will even be a good read. I don't always want to be just posting photos of clients..."Hey guys! Check out these photos and hire me!" 

I use blogs on this site and on my High School Senior site to feature photos and small stories obviously, but the more I read comments or chat with people in person who view and read my blogs they tell me just how much they love the connection to me as a photographer. They are interested in the story behind the photo, location, subject, etc...but they also love learning about me and what I do. Most are photography clients of mine, but also a lot of are other photographers. So, that's cool! If by blogging more and interacting more I can help future clients feel better connected to me, game on!

So, going forward I am switching things up. This blogsite will be dedicated to Scott McIntyre, AS a photographer. What I do, what I love, how I use certain cameras, what's in my camera bag, my lighting methods, but most importantly.....MOSTLY photos of my son Ben and daily life. Oh, and also wedding A lot of this has to do with my family members all over the country who I don't get to chat with or see daily. This is what we are up to y'all!

I shoot Ben everyday, as a personal "project" and maybe even as a dedication to myself. Something for me to leave behind and something for him to look back on in years to come. My personal/family camera set up allows me to do that easily, take some photos and transfer them from the camera to the laptop or phone quickly. It also helps me become a better photographer, I believe the more you shoot and experiment, the better you can become and the more you can grow.

If you follow me on Instagram or follow my Facebook page, you have seen hundreds of photos of him. Truth is, I take thousands and store them on my SmugMug site, which I LOVE, it is a place for my clients but also a personal gallery and storage space for me. If you are a photographer, you need to check out SmugMug. The social media aspect is more for family and friends, but I want a place to have a lasting effect. 

I have a vast range of subjects and topics that are running through my head daily, so instead of just building up that mental library of crap that won't go anywhere, I'm going to start putting it somewhere.

I really enjoy writing as well, some people tell me I should write more, I don't know how good I am at it and I am sure there are a few grammatical errors and the odd spelling mistake, but getting stuff out and written down helps free up my mind.

As Post Malone says "I'm just talking shit to the ones that'll listen" If you are one of the ones that will listen, good, if not, whatever. I think a lot of people these days don't do the things they want to do because they are afraid of what others will think. I am one of them. It's true, I think "Oh, what will so and so think, will this make me look dumb, is this stupid?" Whatever, I'm almost 40 now and holding myself back from doing anything because of what another person thinks is one of the silliest mindsets one can have. Be yourself.

Anyway that is enough dribble for this morning, here are a few photos I snagged of Benzo while we were at the cottage yesterday. The water was not as cold as he made it out to be, so this shot took more time to get than I thought! 

If you think this is a good idea, let me know. If you think it sucks, I really couldn't give any less of a shit to be honest. If you notice grammatical errors or see things I do wrong in writing these blogs, I would LOVE for you to message me and let me know. I love to learn and will not be pissed if you try to help me, I won't be offended, I'll be pumped that you are helping me improve. I put a lot of weight into proper spelling and grammar. I think it's becoming a lost art and I would rather not lose it!


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Over the last 12 years I have photographed thousands of people, families and hundreds of weddings locally and abroad.
I now focus on wedding and high school senior photography. If you have a unique idea for some images, let me know!
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