Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail

I know, I know. I go on about Louisbourg all the time but if you like to hike or explore this island and have not been to this trail, you should check it out.


It's not a hike, it is more of a good walk with a groomed trail but you can venture off of the trail and see some great stuff, however you can stay on the trail and see it all. I enjoy it for that reason, this isn't a walk in the woods where you look at the ground or trees the entire time. This is a very scenic costal place that everyone should see!

You really get immersed in this place, the rock formations are incredible. The ocean can be mad as hell and waves can be 10-20 feet high banging off of the rock face the whole time making for some amazing views.

Take a sweater just in case, go in the evening when the sun is setting and take it in! The next time we go, we plan to take some food and hang out near the cobble stone beach. Just a great place!

The next time I photograph a wedding or a high school senior session here, I will be venturing far into the trail, there is just too many amazing places here. 

All of these photos were shot with the Fuji XT-2 and the Fujinon 56mm 1.2 lens, handheld.

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