Time to chill (and work)...

Wedding season is a busy time of year for us, even busier for photographers/videographers who hold other "normal" jobs during the week, most of our weekends end up being one day, and one day only. Sunday.

One of the things I love to do is check out Facebook or the Gram on Sunday to see what some of us are up to, usually when I am culling images and beginning the editing process. Hash tagged with things like #familytime, #restday or #timetochill. We are all usually taking advantage of as much of our family and the summer as we can. It is a mad dash to get out and do some things with our own family, since we just spent about 14 hours with two other fam jams.

I thought about this blog post today when I was thankfully hanging out at my sisters pool with the three best kids a Dad and Uncle could ask for. Ben my son, and my niece and nephew, Vada and Anderson.

After a solid workout at the gym it was time to relax, swim and eat some BBQ! I hope the rest of you took in this awesome day as well!

Scott McIntyre