A Rooftop Wedding ::: Rachel & Matt in Halifax


I love different weddings, who knew? I only try to post about it every single time I make a post so that I can get the point across! 

Rachel & Matt had a very unique wedding, it was held on the rooftop of the Halifax Seaport Market, which was super cool! Elegant Productions were in the lead on this one and they did a fantastic job! This was a wedding for the books for sure!

I had the pleasure of having my good friend Alex MacAulay join me on this wedding and it was awesome, so much so that I want to try and get a few more of my friends together for some weddings.

After the ceremony, we took off to the Agricola Street Brasserie for the remainder of the day and I would highly recommend you pop in there if you have never been. The staff was incredible, the food was even better and the place looked stunning!

I'm very fortunate that I get to spend the day with amazing couples and Rachel & Matt were awesome, it was an absolute pleasure and a blast, thanks again guys! You rock!

Scott McIntyre