The "Live Life InTents" Boys Trip.

Once again, another shout out to the boys at Live Life InTents! Sorry, but it's just that good, I had to go back and this certainly will not be the last time. They are doing something special there. This time we spent a night "Glamping" and we loved it. You need to try it out! The Glamping tents come equipped with 4 cots (that are remarkably comfortable), a coleman stove and propane, pots & pans, cutlery, sleeping bags & pillows, towels, a coffee pot, lighter, water tank, etc, etc, etc....they have all you need. Do it!


My best friend Jeff is home on vacation, he lives in Alberta so we don't get to see each other that often, which sucks, but as far as my memories go back, I have known Jeff. We grew up across the street from each other, we've shared fist fights, tight hugs and every argument you can think of but have always remained as close as possible.

He is a brother to me, the closest one I have ever had. Without him and his mother Brenda, my childhood would not have been as great as it was. I was often tagging along with them on camping trips to St. Anne's Bay Camp Park, Pipers Campground and on trips around the Trail and Ingonish. Honestly, if it was not for them I would never have been on a single camping trip, for that I am forever grateful.

We packed up the boys and headed to Margaree. Jeff has 3 beautiful kids, Kingsley, Kieran and Kaelyn. Kaelyn being the youngest of the trio, is just 2 years old so she was hanging with her momma this time around. This was a gentlemen's trip.

Kieran, Jeff & Kingsley

Kieran, Jeff & Kingsley

It really is times like this that mean so much in life, Jeff and I have spent many camping trips away together and now that we get a chance to do the same thing with our children, really means the world. Friends and memories. It's weird to think back 20 years and think that someday we would be packing the truck with our kids and doing the same thing we used to do. The thoughts are there, but when they actually manifest into reality is when things get crazy!

Anyway, we checked and chatted with Lee a little bit and then headed right to Chimney Corner Beach. After that and a quick bite at the Dancing Goat we dropped some stuff off at the campsite and took off down to Doyles Bridge for a swim in the river, which Ben says was his favourite part of the whole trip.


While it was only one day and night away, it was worth it. I, of course, took way too many photos but what better way to remember the good times. 

The photos that are black and white, were shot in black and white. This is something I like doing with the Fujifilm camera system. It renders great results and there is just something unique about a shot that was taken that way. Sometimes it just works amazing. Also, had some fun with double exposures at the campfire.

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