They are, and you know it. But, it’s normal. They are KIDS!

It gives you more stress thinking about having their photos taken than you can imagine. They are not going to sit, they won’t listen, they are going to make funny faces and not cooperate at all and their attention span is going to last all of 30 seconds before they are on to something else that is more exciting for them.

I have seen this hundreds of times and trust me, it’s a pain for me as well and the main reason that most photographers would rather not photograph kids. Constantly trying to get kids to work with me during a photo session is like trying to herd cattle.


But, what if the photo session was not meant to be controlled? What if there was no stress involved?
What if we just let the kids do their thing and captured them doing it, wouldn’t it be that much better? No stress, no control, just have some fun and capture them they way they are.

I have said many, many times that children don’t ruin photo sessions, we as parents do. We freak out and try to control out kids. I have been there, Ben, my son, cried for most of our family sessions and for 10 hours on our wedding day.


This all started when…

I decided to stop posing Ben in my own personal photos, of course I will yell out some direction or tell him to stay still, but for the most part everything I shoot of him, is just him being himself and I have been absolutely in love with every image.


My goal…

Is to just have some fun with my clients kids and get some great images. Unique images, different than what we are all used to. Maybe there will be a few posed photos, sure…lots of up close and personal shots and lots of black and white.

Maybe even call it a documentary style photo session for kids.


I guess this is just how I want to photograph kids, my way. Before we know it, they will be all grown up and the moments will be lost.


Here are the details…

Sessions should be an hour or less, maybe longer, maybe not. They are $300.

You will receive an online slideshow of your images and all digital files provided to you via an online cloud system where the photos can live and be safe for years to come. Share them, post them, whatever. Photos will be and end up to be whatever they are. If it’s raining out, your kid will get wet. I can’t guarantee anything other than some fun, in focus, high quality, kick ass photos.

If you want to book a session with me and your kids, use the contact form below or click here to email me and let me know what you have in mind.


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