A Cape Breton Wedding ::: Leigha & Derek

The one and only church wedding of 2018 for me and also the last wedding of 2018. What a year it has been and this was the perfect wedding to end the season for me.

I have been so fortunate, so many incredible couples!

When I met Leigha & Derek for their engagement session, I knew this wedding would be awesome. I love when my couples are “into” the photos, they want certain things and are just invested into some awesome images….we have a mutual goal and that really helps make a huge difference!

Another bonus of this one was getting to work with videographer Becca Reeves. I love that Becca is doing what she wants, has her own style and just goes after it. She was great to work with, we bounced ideas back and forth and ended up really making some awesome stuff together…oh, and she recently booked me for her wedding in 2020, so….stoked! Congrats again Becca & Colin!

I won’t lie, this was a stressful day. The weather forecast was 50mm of rain, so myself and Becca were constantly watching the sky, but it held off until the very last minute for us and we were able to get 100% of everything that we wanted! Leigha and Derek held it together as well, no freaking out, just trust and fun times! This whole group was awesome, a true crew of awesome friends.

Thanks once again Leigha & Derek, you are an awesome couple who have some truly amazing friends and family and I wish you all the best!

Scott McIntyreComment