The Lanes at Membertou

Weird post for a wedding photographers blog? Or not?

The new bowling alley, or bowling entertainment centre or entertainment hub….whatever you want it call it, rocks. It’s a super cool spot complete with bowling, sport simulators & bar and restaurant. There is a lot going on there and with this being the newest thing that Membertou has opened, you can bet it is a busy spot.

We stopped in on Saturday night and couldn’t get a lane to bowl a few strings, so we had some fun in the sport simulators…good old competitive fun! Ben, Helen and I went back on Sunday afternoon and had no problem spending a couple hours trying to destroy each other on the lanes.

So, why am I mentioning it? Because this place offers some really unique stuff for photos, all I could think about while we bowled a few strings was how cool it will be when I get a couple in there. Great lighting and angles, unique shapes and structures.…we will be making some really cool images inside that place!

I snapped a few photos while there, check them out and stop by for some bowling! It’s really state of the art with screens for scoring, automatic bumpers for the kids or those of us that really suck at throwing a ball down a lane and even crazy black lights!

Scott McIntyreComment