Big Pond Beach, Hot Dogs and Paddleboards...

I kind of cheated this one, my wedding this week was Friday. Melissa and David had a kickass backyard wedding that I am still super pumped about, I posted one photo but cannot wait to get the editing done to deliver the rest.

I have been editing so fast, I don't wanna make a promise to anyone, but so far all of my weddings have had their images delivered in less than a week. Not because I am rushing the editing process, quite the opposite actually. I'm taking my time more than ever, but I am just so focused and excited to shoot, edit, deliver and enjoy the images. Things are perfect.

Spent some time at Big Pond Beach today with the Fam, friends, dogs, music, a couple flies in my face and some amazing BBQ! You need to check this place out if you have not. It's not too far and totally worth it.

Most of these images are black and white and shot in black and white, all are from the Fuji and all have VERY, VERY little processing. I have been really enjoying shooting in black and white. I feel that you can create a better image when you do that, it almost forces you to look at things a little different. I don't know, but it's fun and I like it.

Cheers to Sunday! Hope you enjoyed yours!

Scott McIntyre