A Backyard Wedding ::: Diane & Thomas

Another backyard wedding, have I mentioned that I love them? If you are having one, you should totally book me for the simple fact that I love them and it is what I want to do! #backyardweddingsaremyjam

As wedding photographers we get to shoot so many different locations, venues, churches,  and resorts, but I will take an outside relaxed and fun wedding any day of the week. Not that other places are not fun, but there is just something about the outdoors, the challenge of different light and angles...it is stressful, but worth it.

However, in saying that...weddings are about the couple and that is all that really matters and all that will ever matter. Capturing your day, your way is the goal!

Sometimes weddings and people come around and end up reminding me why I love wedding photography so much, this was one of those weddings. 9 years ago I shot Diane's brothers wedding, so when she contacted me to shoot her wedding, I was excited! About 14 years photographing weddings and they still excite me, I'm very fortunate to have that feeling.

This was honestly such a great day, Diane and Thomas were incredible. I have said it in my posts, but the love was so abundant on this day. Great families and great people. You could just feel the connection between everyone the whole time. The friendships are strong with this group, it was great to be part of!

The ceremony was in the backyard of Diane's Grandmothers house, she is no longer with us, but was there for this ceremony, that is for sure. It was mentioned many times that people could feel her there.

Huge thank you to Diane, Thomas and the whole crew. It was honestly my pleasure to be part of your day!

Scott McIntyre