Make Prints and a 50 year old wedding album!

While this may sound like a big sales pitch, and maybe part of it is, if you are not making prints or albums with your photos, you are doing yourself a big disservice!

Think of this more as advice from a professional than a sales pitch. Think of this the way you would if an electrician sat you down and told you that you need a new electrical panel or you risk a fire.

While, not making prints or albums won't contribute to your home burning down, this is just solid advice for the future. You need a way to display and safely store and keep your images. There has never been a better time than now to do this. Everything is digital. I personally store my clients and my personal files in 5 different spots. I have 3 separate hard drives and two different online cloud storage systems. Honestly, I still don't have full trust in the process.

I get it, prints and albums are expensive, well....the good ones anyway. But, what is the cost of preserving your images forever? If you lost all of your images from a wedding due to a hard drive malfunction or something similar, how much would you pay to have them back? Trust me, I have heard horror stories from people who have lost their wedding files and are out of luck with getting them back.

It is just good sense to make some prints or an album!

Below are a few shots I grabbed of my wife's parents wedding album while we were at the family cottage on the weekend. Just check this thing out, it is over 50 years old! It was printed in 1968! I wish I knew the photographers name, because the photos are so flippin' good and timeless. This album was made in Scotland before they moved to Canada. While digital was obviously not around then, I can tell you first hand they are very, very happy they have this keepsake.


There is also something so romantic about a wedding album, it caps off your day. It is the icing on the cake.

The image below is a recent print I made for a friend. We shot this photo one day while out riding and the first thing she said when she saw the photo was ...."OH wow! I need a huge print of that!"


This is a 24X36 Metallic print with a leather laminate,  mounted on smooth-mouth. It jumps off of the print and shines! It will soon be framed and trust me, it will outlast any digital file sitting on a hard drive!

Atlantic Photo Supply in Halifax are my printers and they do amazing work. They get it right every single time, if there is an issue or if they are unsure of something, my phone is ringing right away! So, big shout out to them!

Moral of the blog post, make some prints, get an album. Make this a priority. 

I am a wedding and portrait photographer in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Over the last 14 years I have photographed thousands of people, families and hundreds of weddings locally and abroad.
I now focus on wedding and high school senior photography. If you have a unique idea for some images, let me know!
Cape Breton Island Wedding Photographer • Scott McIntyre

Scott McIntyre