A Backyard Wedding ::: Jenn & Phil

This was one for the record books! What an amazing, laid back and fun wedding!

I know I harp on the "first look" a lot for weddings, but this one was just that good that I cannot help but gush about it. First look, small backyard wedding on a farm, The Little Rollin' Bistro food truck (which was awesome, btw), and an old farm barn for the rest of the day...I mean...come on! It was a photographers dream come true, which was only trumped by Jenn and Phil who were super cool!

Carabin Farms in Point Edward was the location for everything, and wow...it didn't disappoint at all! Rick and Danielle have an amazing spot! I really hope to shoot at this location again in the future! For anyone looking for an outdoor wedding in Cape Breton, or backyard style wedding, this place is fantastic! 

The ceremony was in a large field just a short walk from the barn with views in every direction. Give them a shout if you think this is the location for you!

I could keep going on and on about this one, but I'll just shut up and post the photos! However, if you are doing a Backyard Wedding or a Backyard Style Wedding, we need to chat. They are my favourite weddings, hands down! I love all weddings, I wish I could shoot one every weekend of the year, but the Backyard style weddings are my favourites! 

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