A Sydney Mines Wedding ::: Kelsey & Travis

I love Sydney Mines, I don’t live there anymore but I’m from there and it really is true when they say you never forget where you came from. Whenever I’m back there, I get this unique feeling that sort of reminds me that this is where I’m from, it’s my home and I feel more comfortable. It is a different feeling for sure and I guess you can only experience it if you move away.

I’m sure many of my friends that either work or live away experience that feeling when they travel back home. I love the Mines bai.

Kelsey & Travis were kind enough to hire me as their photographer this summer and the entire thing took place in Sydney Mines. They are Sydney Miners, so what better place for their big day! This wedding was full of great laughs and great people. They are surrounded by such an awesome group of people and friends and it was a pleasure to help them capture their wedding day.

Thanks once again guys!

Scott McIntyreComment